History of the firm.


When Silverman & Morris, P.L.L.C. opened for business on April 1, 2003, our practice was already more the 13 years old.  The prior firm, Shefferly, Silverman & Morris, was founded in 1990 (as Shefferly & Silverman) by Geoffrey L. Silverman and Phillip J. Shefferly who, along with Thomas R. Morris, had been members of the bankruptcy department of Schlussel, Lifton, Simon, Rands, Galvin & Jackier, a full-service law firm which had offices in Southfield, Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan.  Mr. Shefferly left Shefferly, Silverman & Morris in 2003 to accept an appointment as a bankruptcy judge for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.  Silverman & Morris, P.L.L.C. now carries on the practice which originated in the bankruptcy department of Schlussel, Lifton. 

Our practice.


Personal finances.  We handle a significant number of personal bankruptcies, especially for business owners who have been adversely affected by a business failure.  Although our specialty is the complex case, we also handle, with competence and economy, cases which present no unusual issues. We defend debtors in collection matters and dischargeability actions.  We represent not only debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases, but creditors in all types of cases, including Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 cases.  With our years of experience representing trustees, creditors, creditors' committees and other participants in bankruptcy cases in addition to debtors, we have insight into bankruptcy practices.  Our bankruptcy practice is full-time, not just occasional.


Chapter 11 reorganization.  We not only handle matters on a local level, we also get involved in bankruptcy cases of national importance.  We have extensive experience representing clients such as landlords, suppliers to the automotive trade, and major corporations in bankruptcy and other commercial matters of local and national significance.  We represent creditors and preference defendants in large cases, even cases filed outside of Michigan.  Clients come back to us with their legal issues, no matter where the court might be.


Commercial workouts, liquidations and transactions.  When a small to medium-sized business is in financial trouble, we are the specialists to handle the matter.  Most of our clients are referred to us by other attorneys who know our expertise.  We identify and help to evaluate the options available, such as a workout, a Chapter 11 reorganization or a liquidation.  We help business owners to untangle the complexities of financial crisis.  We also litigate commercial matters and represent a number of business clients in a broad range of matters, from business formation to commercial transactions to winding down a business.  Although many of our clients use our services only until we have helped to solve the problem that needed solving, we have many long-term clients who consider us the firm to go to for prompt and competent representation.


International.   We often represent foreign clients in local matters.  The foundation of our practice is our expertise in bankruptcy and insolvency matters, our years of experience practicing in the federal and state courts in Michigan, and the breadth of our legal knowledge.  We build upon that foundation with our experience with international law (such as practice under international conventions governing transnational commercial and civil matters) and our knowledge of foreign legal systems.  Although we do not have a London or Paris office, you can consider us your Michigan office. 

Understand your options.


When you or your business is in financial distress, the future seems like a tangle of string.  You may not know where to start.  We can help you sort it out.


We help clients in financial distress to identify the options available.  We help clients to understand the possible scenarios, to choose between them, and to affect the outcome.  We provide a valuable service first by helping clients to understand their options and choose between them.  We then work with clients, and often with their other attorneys, to implement the chosen options.


Each of our four attorneys is a bankruptcy specialist.  We have combined experience as bankruptcy attorneys in excess of 70 years.  We know when bankruptcy is a viable option, and when to reserve it as a last resort.